Best Foods To Naturally Detox


While garlic might be known as a natural repellent for vampires, it can also double as a heart-boosting superfood. As a staple addition to most cooking recipes, garlic can help lower the plaque level in your arteries and reduce blood pressure. Garlic can also reduce the enzymes which can constrict your blood vessels. If consumed in pill-form, studies also show that garlic can reduce the plaque build-up in arteries by up to 50%.


Good news for chocoholics! The sweet treat can not only give you an instant happy fix, it can also help reduce your risk of heart disease and strokes! One study from Harvard found that people who consumed regular amounts of raw cocoa had lower blood pressure and no signs of hyper tension. Since dark chocolate is naturally rich in antioxidants known as flavnols, eating it in moderation can help boost blood vessel flexibility, lower your blood pressure, and ultimately prevent heart-related diseases.

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