Healthy habits that are pretty much the exact opposite – You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Every day another study is thrown in our faces about what we should be doing to keep our bodies Healthy. Half the time they contradict each other, so what the hell are we supposed to believe? A lot of times the science is inconclusive, and a lot of times things don’t work the same way for everyone, but these ten remedies, tips and exercises may not be the best way to turn into your best self.

Getting aggressive with the antibacterial soap

There’s not much evidence out there that proves antibacterial soap is more effecting than a good ol’ fashioned hand wash at eliminating germs. Throw in the fact that about 75 percent of them content a drug called triclosan, which has never been truly evaluated by the FDA, and it makes things even worse. According to the FDA, “some short-term animal studies have shown that exposure of high doses of triclosan is associated with a decrease in the levels of somethryroid hormones,” and other studies “have raised the possiblity that exposure to triclosan contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.”


Keeping everything “low fat”

American doctors and scientists have been harping this on us for decades: “Fats” cause weight gain and heart disease. However, new research says that a low-fat diet isn’t the best thing to do. An overconsumption of trans-fats and animal-fats ha been known to increase risk of cardiovascular disease, but the unsaturated fats in oily fish, avocado and olive oil actually improve your heart’s health by lowering things like triglyceride, cholesterol and blood levels. They can also up your brain health.

Putting yourself through a juice cleanse

There is very little evidence that says drinking fiberless fruit and veggie juice will take the toxins out of your body. It will help you temporarily lose weight, but the high amount of sugar and a lack of fiber, fat and protein can harm people with existing conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis or anemia. No fiber can also mean big digestive issues.

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