6 Amazing Uses for Vaseline You Never Knew Before

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Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly that was established way back in 1872 in the US by a chemist called Robert Cheesebrough, who realized that it had several different potential uses. Since then, it has become a go-to product all around the world. Now, it’s a household name – and it’s not unusual for people to keep either a big tub in a cupboard or a small, travel-size pot in a purse or a pocket.

Most people think of Vaseline as relieving dry, chapped lips – so much so that the company has even released special pots aimed at lip care over the years. However, what many people are unaware of is how many other things Vaseline can be used for – from covering imperfections around the house and removing stains to improving your appearance and even healing ailments.

Getting Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are not only unsightly but can also develop into large, painful spots if you try and squeeze them – which is always tempting. There are hundreds of skincare products on the market that claim to be able to rid your entire face of blackheads – however, conveniently for the brands, but inconveniently for you, most of them are pretty expensive.

Moreover, there aren’t that many that actually work as advertised – so, more often than not, you find that they’re actually a waste of money. Vaseline, however, is a very cheap game-changer. Wash your face, cover it in Vaseline, and then put plastic wrap over it (make sure you can breathe!). Place a warm towel over the plastic and wait five minutes. This will loosen the blackheads, which will wash off along with the Vaseline.

Cover Up Unsightly Scratches

Wooden floors are great to look at – and, admittedly, they’re a lot easier to keep clean compared to carpets. When you’ve just moved into a new place, however – or if you’re changing things up in your existing property – moving furniture around can be hard to do without scuffing or scratching the floor in some way.

Thankfully, there’s a quick, cheap, and simple solution – you guessed it, Vaseline. All you have to do is coat the scuff or scratch in it and leave for a whole 24 hours to work its magic. When you wipe the Vaseline off, the marks should be a lot less obvious than they were before. This also works on scratched furniture.

Accentuate Your Features with a Highlighter

If you like wearing makeup, you’re probably familiar with highlighters – and we’re not talking about the neon-colored markers that you used in school! A highlighter can be used to accentuate your cheekbones, and can also be used on your chin, the tip of your nose, and your forehead to help maintain a fresh, dewy complexion.

Bringing Your Temperature Down

Having a fever is horrible – not only do you feel awful in general because you’re ill, but you’re also hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable at the same time. Sometimes, you’re even simultaneously burning hot and freezing cold, which is the worst. There are few things you can do to make yourself feel better, often just having to put up with it and wait it out.

Therefore, you’re going to want to try anything that may possibly relieve your symptoms – and Vaseline could be the answer. Simply put it into the freezer for a short period of time – as little as 10 minutes should do the trick – and then spread it on your forehead and inner wrists to feel its cooling effects.

Successfully Removed Dried-On Gum

One of the worst substances that you can get stuck on something is chewing gum – and when it’s a gum that’s dried onto the surface of something, it can be near on impossible to get rid of. Whether it’s on railings, stuck to the floor, or underneath tables, it’s not only disgusting and unsightly; it’s one of the hardest things to remove.

Forget getting on your hands and knees to scrape for hours on end – there’s a much simpler solution. Just apply a generous amount of Vaseline to the gum and affected area, then leave it for a while – the bigger and more stubborn the gum, the longer you should leave it. Wait until it’s softened, and you should be able to wipe it away without much difficultly.

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