Coffee Hacks to Make Your Mornings Easier and More Flavorful

Coffee Ice Cubes

There is nothing worse then the ice beginning to melt in your delicious ice coffee. It begins to lose its strength and tastes watered down. There is a pretty easy solution to this problem. Instead of drinking weak, flavorless coffee, make it stronger by using coffee ice cubes. Now, when the ice cubes melt, they will make your coffee even richer. This is a hack that I will be using every day this summer!

Did you know that there is something called coffee cherries that you can eat? It’s true! Back in the day, people used to mix coffee berries with fat. It created an energy-filled snack that kept people caffeinated all day! PBS reported that the pulp would also be fermented to turn it into a wine-like beverage! Wine and coffee together! Sounds like my kind of drink!

Blue You’re Flowers

Planting is a fun way to brighten up your garden! The bright colors of flowers just bring the garden to life! Did you know coffee can help? Sometimes, certain flowers and plants change colors based on the PH level of the soil. Adding coffee grounds to the soil will reduce the PH level to ensure your flowers will grow blue and bright!

Flowers receive all their nutrients from sunlight, water and soil, but did you know that they are the reproductive structure in plans. As they bloom and blossom, it’s the biological function of a flower to effect reproduction. Flowers are basically what unites the sperm and the egg. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “The flowers are blooming.”


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