Coffee Hacks to Make Your Mornings Easier and More Flavorful

Keep the Cats away

Do you ever get tired of street cats wandering through your back yard? Do they keep you awake at night with their meowing? Just use coffee! Simply sprinkle some coffee grounds where you don’t want them to walk. Cats hate the smell of coffee, and it will deter them. This hack keeps away cats, dogs, and even rodents. To make this hack even more effective, you can add orange peels to it since citrus repels them as well.

Fun fact: In 2005, scientists discovered that cats have a genetic deficiency that’s cancels the sugar detectors in their taste buds. Basically cats can’t taste sweetness. That must suck! I guess that explains why they can get pretty cranky.

Flavor Enhancer

This is a fun trick for all the chefs out there! Adding coffee ground or even brewed coffee can help enhance flavors. You can just replace the water in recipes with the coffee.  This hack works very well with chocolate cakes and chili; it enhances the flavor creating a bold rich taste.

You can also try this for meat! Simply put one tablespoon of fresh coffee grounds into your marinade. It will not only make the meat tenderer, but it will add a slight smokiness. Of course, tasting happens in your mouth that’s not necessarily how flavor works. Did you know that up to 80% of flavor actually comes from smell? We just perceive it as taste. That’s why things taste weird when you have a cold.

Cleans “Garlic Hands”

Do you ever cut garlic or onions and can’t get the smell off your hands? Even worse, jalapeños and then accidentally touching your eyes. Sometimes soap just doesn’t. When that happens use coffee instead. All you have to do is keep some coffee grounds in your kitchen for easy access. Rub them on your hands after cutting garlic and other stinky foods.

Not only does it overpower the garlic and removes the embarrassing garlic smell, but it completely cleans your hands so no more burning eyes. Fun garlicy fact: Did you know there is a psychological term for the fear of garlic? It’s called alliumphobia and it’s a real thing! I don’t get it? Who doesn’t love garlic?

Helps Clear Acne

Sometimes nothing works for acne. No matter how much money we spend on products and face wash, it won’t help! If you have coffee grounds around the house, it’s a cheap, safe way to clear up those stubborn pimples. Coffee contains antioxidant ingredients which help clean and tone your face. You combine the coffee grounds with some toothpaste that will create a paste.

Rub in on your face and leave it there for about 20 minutes before washing it off. Your pores are little tiny holes in your skin. When oils are released from your sebaceous glands, hair follicles are formed. We all get pimples but unfortunately, if your pores get clogged or infected, it can cause acne.

Coffee Ice Pops

On a hot summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice pop. They are very simple to make at home, but have you ever tried to make coffee-flavored ice pops? It’s just as easy as making regular ice pops. You simply combine iced coffee and cream. It’s the perfect adult snack and makes drinking your ice coffee even more enjoyable.

Did you know that ice-pops were invented by accident? Frank Epperson left a mixture of water and powdered out on the porch in 1905. It contained a stir stick. When he woke up he discovered this delicious treat and named it the Epsicle. 18 years later he finally changed it to Popsicle. In 1922 the frozen desert was introduced to the world at an Oakland fireman ball.

Clean clothes

Coffee can do more than just turn on your brain in the morning. Did you know you can use it to clean your clothes? Just add some fresh coffee into your washing machine! I know this sounds crazy, but it actually works. The coffee will actually stain the clothes, enhancing the color making your dark clothes looking fresh! Of course, this only works with darks so don’t try this hack for a white load of laundry.

You can’t see 70% of the dirt on your clothes. You sweat about 6 liters a day so it’s not that shocking if you really think about it. The first washing machine was called ‘Thor’ and was invented in 1782. Dryers have only been around for 200 years while ironing was a thing over 1000 years ago!

Insect Deterrent

We all know how obnoxious insects are. Especially in the summer, it seems as though spiders, ants, bugs, and cockroaches are all over the place. Coffee will help get rid of them for you. Just put a few coffee grounds in a jar. Put some extra sticky double-sided tape inside. The scent of coffee attracts the roaches creating a cockroach trap. You can also sprinkle coffee grounds wherever you don’t want ants, and can even be used to repel snakes.

Fun facts about insects: There are between 6 million and 10 million different types of insects. Insects have three parts to their bodies, the thorax, abdomen, and head. They also have three pairs of legs, which sounds really gross for some reason.

Repair Scratched Furniture

We all get those annoying scratches on our furniture. Leaving the house to buy a scratch fixer, it is not only a waste of time but may not even work. What if you can solve this problem with something that you probably already have lying around?

Try using coffee grounds to repair furniture scratches. You only need one tablespoon. Combine it with one tablespoon of olive oil, and Just use a cotton swab or cotton ball to apply it. It’s recommended to test it on a discreet area of the furniture first. Ready for a furniture fact? I know you were always wondering who invented the office chair. You probably would have never guessed, but it was Charles Darwin in the 1800s.

Gardening Helper

Do you ever need help gardening? Maybe wondering why your plans aren’t growing as fast and colorful as you hoped. Coffee grounds are a great solution to help your plants grow bright and beautiful. By stirring coffee grounds into the soil or even the watering can, will give your seeds a nitrogen increase. You can also double your harvest if you use it when planting carrots or radishes.

The potassium, magnesium, and copper contained in coffee make it acidic, which can help with the blooms. I bet you didn’t know that there are more microorganisms in one teaspoon of soil than there are people on earth! Plants also respond to sound waves. Music and sweet sounds can actually help your plants grow.

Palate Cleanser

Do you ever notice how in perfume stores, there are usually small bowls of coffee beans close by? The reason for this is that after smelling different types of perfumes, it becomes hard to distinguish one from the other. Smelling coffee in between perfume samples can help us separate these smells.

The strong scent from the coffee beans triggers different areas of your nose, now your sense of smell becomes more sensitive, and you can smell the next perfume more clearly. The same perfume scent can smell differently on different people. Everyone has their own skin chemistry that produces a natural scent. The environment and even what you eat can have effect how a perfume will smell on your body.

Coffee Paint

Do you ever paint and accidentally take a sip of the paint water? If you’re anything like me, this happened to you a lot as a kid. Well, there is a way of painting with safe edible water. You can actually use regular brewed coffee as a form of paint! It will fade into a light brown. Of course this only works with brown, but adding layers to the brown “paint” will make it darker, creating different shades!

Also, the water is safe to drink because it’s not filled with toxic paint. During World War II, licensed oil was in very limited supply. Manufacturers were forced to discover other ideas. This ultimately led to artificial resins which were very practical. They were cheap and lasted a long time.

Minty Fresh

Do you ever run out of toothpaste? Or just ate onions and desperately need gum? Well, coffee can once again be your solution. I know coffee doesn’t seem like it can replace toothpaste but, sucking a whole roasted coffee bean will work just as well as mint. The strong coffee aroma removes bad odor.

Next time you’re too scared to kiss your date because of bad breath, throw a coffee bean in your mouth. You will have fresh breath in no time! Did you know that the name mint comes from Menthe, a mythical Greek character? Ancient Romans used mint in perfumes and bathtubs. Ancient Hebrews spread it in the synagogue for the scent. Today one of the most popular mints is spearmint.

Flea Bath

Do you ever run out of toothpaste? Or just ate onions and desperately need gum? Well, coffee can once again be your solution. I know coffee doesn’t seem like it can replace toothpaste but, sucking a whole roasted coffee bean will work just as well as mint. The strong coffee aroma removes bad odor.

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